Monday, June 05, 2006

7 Days

Good morning people!

It's currently Monday, 5th June 2006 and I've got 7 Days.

7 days, dudes and dudettes... 7 days are all I have to wrap things here at my current workplace. Gawd, it looks like I'm gonna need to hit this button just to stay sane when the dust clears.

I've got two major projects to get done before my last day on the 12th. Maybe I shouldn't have taken that two-day leave before reporting at the new place on the 15th. Ah well...

Aside from that, I wanna talk about a certainty I have right now. Do you know those times when you are supremely sure about an event that's gonna happen? Any detractors and naysayers out there might say "Why be so sure? You never know what's gonna happen... blahblahblah".

I know that...............

But lemme tell ya, this time, it's more than a gut-feeling. This time, it's more like I'm prescient.

I have seen the visions, my brethen - that kinda thing, ya know.

I'm gonna get drunk tonight.

Yep, that's right.

And you read it here first.

I'm gonna be so stoned drunk that Woodstock's going to look like a children's tea party. A make-believe one.

I'm gonna be so damn intoxicated that you'll need a hybrid of tapai, talak, montoku and bahar to sober me up afterwards.


Cuz, it's my friend's birthday and that's all the darned excuse I need to drink.

Here's to a Happy 61st to my buddy!



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