Thursday, June 01, 2006

Scary Mannequin.

You know how some people say they hate clowns. They look at Krusty and they say he's the Devil or they had a really bad experience at the circus? Or they'd seen It too many times?

Well... if you gotta vehemently dislike (hate is such a strong word, no?) something like that, hell, why not this?

I first saw that really dumb pink hair... and those freakin big eyes... and that maniacal bloody grin.

Who the hell designed this shit?!?

Slowly, as I stood right at the glass window snapping away with my Nokia and M shaking her head a few metres away, you know what dawned on me?

That I've actually seen this guy somewhere before.


That's who.

Damn, if you decide to take a walk in Centre Point Sabah one day, you definitely do not want to window shop anywhere near this guy. He's look like some drunken ah beng on speed.

And that's not all.

I finished with my photography and caught up with M again and I go:

Me: Wow. THAT was scary. Why do they do them like that?

And she goes:

M: There's actually a whole bunch of them that look like that somewhere else, you know.

Great. Just great. Are the streets here safe anymore?

Think of the children.


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