Saturday, May 27, 2006

Da Vinci Da Bomb

Before anyone misinterpret the title of this post, let me make something clear to y'all.

I mean, Da DaVinci Code bombed.

Yeah... and I'm not saying that cuz I'm a Catholic or anything. I believe D'Brown has a right to write speculative fiction to arouse debate and derision from more than a billion faithful and nearly half that number of believers of the divinity of the Subject of his speculative fiction and make a movie out of it for staggering amounts of revenue and income.

Did I mention, speculative fiction?

Yeah why it bombed for me was cuz, when you take away the controversy and the hype surrounding this bomb, it was just a whodunit. Just like the book. And a long-winded one at that.

Oh sure, sure... you have the romanticism of what-ifs:

  • What if there was this super-ultra-mega-secret secret society protecting the Sacred Bloodline.
  • What if you have an inventor and artist who was the leader of said secret society who drew paintings in his spare time when not having sepuluh-tiga with his mates.
  • What if you had all these religio-symbology that points to and uncovers (enter conspiracy of your choice here).

Not trying to get into any religious debates here. It's just that in the end, the movie and the book was just crime fiction.

"Oh but what about all the proofs and documents they found regarding _______ and _______ and _______", they asked?

You know honey, I got more patience for scraping Kota Kinabalu International Airport with my two front teeth than getting into all that.

I already got my answer. It's called faith.

And a 2-and-half hour movie? Gawd, I nearly fell asleep.

Sure as hell couldn't beat the book.


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