Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not Goodbye.

I've been thinking about how to write this entry.

Been thinking and thinking and thinking.

Even when I'm doing mundane stuff or being constantly on my feet or at the workstation in the past couple of days, wrapping things up in the place where I've spent the bulk of my waking hours at.

A place I can and do... call Home.

But nothing comes up.

Nothing comes to mind. Somehow, I think a part of me keeps telling me that you don't plan what to say in this situation but just wing it.

I have never been any good at saying goodbye or so long or farewell.

Maybe an occasional 'see ya!', but not this time.

There's too much to say but I won't put in much details in here either to jaga the identities of those I want to say 'see ya' to. But I hope they will know who they are and that they have had a hand in weaving part of the continuing tapestry that is me.

So, here goes.


2 years.

That's longer than I have ever spent at any other company. To most people, that's not a long time at all. Not at all. Just a heartbeat.

But I was with this company since its very beginning. From scratch. All those months ago when FA called me out one evening for dinner. And laid out the Plan. Even though he's no longer with this company either, he's still got a hand in helping bring it into the world. Thank you for the opportunity and the confidence you had in me.

PT, LA and SyF: You guys have helped me so much in our work, it's impossible to measure. But what's more important is that, we have had laughters together while doing the work. Tompinais forever!

To the whole marketing team (yes all five of you): You guys have been such great colleagues and assets to the company. I'm proud of you guys. Continue the good work and do us prouder still. It's been so good working with all of you and my work is immeasurably harder if you have not been there. Girls, stop playing around with the Sony cam so much! You have to spend a little time with the new Sony Handycam now! :)

AO: Buddy, even though you've been gone for most of the time, everytime you're there, it's a cool thing. Let's meet up again at CyberX one of these days. And look after FM for me k? Don't let him get into any trouble! haha

GDR, FM and SB: All those roadshows. All those times on the road. All that insane laughter and nonsense. Those are worth all the gold in the world and the next. Thank you so much for that and for helping me see what being part of a team is really all about. You guys weren't just colleagues. You were more like family.

JE: It's been a blast working with you for close to two years. The shared experience we have putting on those courses has been invaluable. Despite the age difference, I have only felt we're more like brothers. Catch up with you again with those sepuluh-tigas!

VW and DP: The both of you have been the elder brother and sister I never had and the help and advice you have imparted to me can never be diminished nor tarnished. Thank you so much for your confidence and trust in me. It's has been a great pleasure and a valuable experience working with powerhouses like you.

Last but not least, Mr. M: Sir, I can't thank you enough. I can never. You have been a friend, mentor, a guru and a boss I can really look up to. Through all the early times, the good times, the tough times, and the crazy times, it has been a great experience and honour working in your company. Working for you has been more like working WITH you.

For the others, if I don't list you here doesn't mean your presence have not impacted me in a valuable way too.

Everybody has been an important part of me and I can only hope that I too have been an equally important part of their lives in this company.

Thank you everyone for everything!

But like I said before.

It's not a goodbye. It's a see you later!

So, still we meet again...

Keep on pullin'
cuz you got good people behind you...

... and I'll see you again soon.


At 2:58 pm, Anonymous jen said...

oooiiii....u still havent told me ur next destination lei...

At 9:37 pm, Anonymous jaimieliew said...

am sad...very sad 2 hear tat am not gonna c u again :( :'( only in ere..sigh..sad2 :p

am so gonna miz u unno...sigh :p

lester2...really do hope u doesnt need 2 leave seriously & honestly

hope u c u soon


At 10:17 pm, Anonymous msm said...

hye~ hows ur new job? =P

At 3:24 pm, Blogger ElKay said...

not bad!


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