Friday, June 09, 2006


Check this out:

No wonder my damn workstation has been so slow and uncooperative.

Not that much, mind you... Just enough for me to feel that something's going on.

I was even reprimand by F the IT Head for letting this happen.

Me: Shit man, the PC's so slow...

F: Try use the antivirus and see...

Me: Ok.

(Launched the program. Waited three minutes for it to open, scan and saw the above screen.)

Me & F: FUI....YOO!!!!

(sheepish silence ensues)

F slowly turns his head to me and goes:

F: You trying to ternak them, izzit?

Me: errrrr...... (pretends to be occupied with a piece of document conveniently left lying around). No ah... :P


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