Friday, June 09, 2006

Money Is Blind

Some people have it and some don't.

But how would you tell that when luck still plays a major role in a stage production of such epic proportions where every actor (actpersons/actpeople?) aren't necessarily the players but they THINK they're the player.

How would you react when someone else seems to have all the luck in the world shoved up to and down their throats, making everyone else seem like they need to pick the scraps up off the bottom of the dumpster to get by?

G and I felt like we were the scrapers today.

Cuz as soon as I sat down for lunch, he went:

G: You know what, dude?

Me: (Lighting up) What, man?

G: My colleague just won a fuckin' lottery.

Me: (Not even batting an eyelid) So what man? How much? Toto ah?

G: No... a UK one dude! You wanna know how much he won?

Me: (Blew smoke, skeptical) How m...

G: 250,000...

Me: (Eyes grew wide) Wah... that's a lot, huh

G: Pounds (£)

Me: (Dropped chig) WHAT. THE. FUCK.

G: Yeah, hah hah. Fucker, right? I counted ah... about 1,750,000 ringgit oh!!

Me: (Shaking head in disbelief) Sure or not oh???


Apparently, this guy, in his mid-40's, a shit of a colleague, who hardly does any work and pushes work to other people, played the ThunderBall, a UK National lottery online and got picked to be the winner of £250,000. Without even paying in a single frigging cent.

If that's really true, really, really true, why are you still working? Why is G still working? Why am I still working?

It must undoubtedly, irrefutably, undeniably and unquestionably proves that money is bloody blind.

So why are you, the hard-working, upstanding, parent-obeying, spouse-loving, hygienic, loyal, faithful, honest member of the workforce, still at your job?

Why aren't the rest of us playing the stock market, and going online, betting our hard-earned cash and monies on online poker, backroom blackjack, seedy slot machines and black market sporting odds?

Hell, while we're at it, let's all be bookies for each other. You do sports. I do those pukes who clean our streets and toilets to see who keel over first. Then, we really wouldn't have to work cuz the cash is being pushed around.

I know lah, we all have to work. It defines us. It can make us who we are.


Why do some kena?

Why do others slog and slog and slog just to make it (just for a while)?

And why when they do make it, they are plagued by heart diseases, heart aches and heartlessness?

And the rest who just try and try and try with no end in sight.


Let me tell you why...

It's cuz some have it and some don't. That's all. Be at peace with that.

ngai tiau


I'm fine now. Thank you. That's all. Have a nice day now. I'll leave you with these.


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