Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Long Time No See...

Haven't been blogging for like, a week?

Aww.. that's not too long.

Doesn't seem so long especially seeing that Blogger is still acting like the pot-holed, mud-encrusted lorong equivalent of the information superhighway.

Anyway, I'm like what? Two weeks into my new job and the work is piling up higher than that bamboo shoot called the Taipei 101.

But not 24 hours into my new job, I was sent here for a 'product inspection':

And here...

And this is taken from my room's balcony

Right now, I'm working for a management consultant that (duh) manages this place called Gayana Island Resort, not more than 20 minutes by ferry from the KK Ferry Terminal.

My room by the way...

Meet the GM of the Resort, Mr. Shepard Ku from KL. Very nice chap. And he bought me lunch too. And while we were lunching at the Resort's Islander Seafood Restaurant, you could actually see watch the fishes in the water off the railing you're sitting next to.

Oodles of fishies. Some tourists were using pieces of bread and throwing it to the fishes.
The way those fishes went at the bread reminded me of piranhas.

Boyd and Sharon, both duty managers on the island, took me around. They actually commute to the island resort everyday for work. You think you have it bad at rush hour? They'd still have to get to work and back during storms. Imagine that.

One of the unique thing about Gayana is this. An enclosed pool surrounded by netting so non-swimmers (and wimps) don't have to get into the open water. :)

No, that isn't my lunch. It's a giant clam that lived for nearly 100 years before it died. The two halves were actually bought by the Resort for RM500.00 each and put on display here at the Marine Ecology Research Centre where they rehabilitate and preserve corals and giant clams in the surrounding Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

I actually got some more to show but I'll leave that for later. Here's an overall view of the Resort. And no, I didn't go on a heli for that.



At 9:29 pm, Anonymous jaimieliew said...

i ever been there cuz thought can enjoy myself there..but turn out only corals n rooms :p

At 12:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


can get some free rooms for yours truly anot????????????? i always see that island every morning from atop my work place

kk times square coolie


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