Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Woo Hoo!!!

Well folks, I took the leap.

I went ahead and jumped. Oh yeah, I did.

I am the proud owner of a brand new Perodua Myvi!

Here's the story, in chronological order (for your convenience and my ease of writing):

27th - 30th March:

I've been ding-donging in my head about getting that damn car for much of the week. (ref: my earlier blog about the Myvi). I felt, if I could re-engineer the loan and come up with a new loan that puts the monthly installments at RM400 to RM500, why not right??

At the same time, the National Automotive Policy (NAP) just came into effect and with that, Perodua's promises of 4% reductions in their car prices. That's a whopping 2-3k discount!

Not so fast, boyo....

At the same time, car prices for ALL other cars dropped as well, including second hand cars.

So. My Kelisa EXi, which I was supposed to sell for RM30k, ended up being valued at a measly RM28k.... ok ok... not measly but that's how you'd feel if you were set on letting it go for RM30k.

Fine I said...

31st March:

It's gone! I'm won't see it again!

Some guy called Edward came from the dealer and took my old friend away.

Shit, if he wasn't so friendly, I'd mistook him for one of those repomen, with the scowls and the so-called intimidating gaits.

We went over to my financier EON Bank to get the transfer of ownership done and to get the original JPJ (Road Transport Department) Registration Card out.

4th April:

You know, maybe I should have sold the Kelisa on a Monday and not a Friday so I could actually get the new car within the week.

Cuz I was without wheels, man, for nearly a week!

So, now it's Tuesday and I'd been chasing my salesperson to get it rolling! Get it moving! I need some wheels!

Signed the loan agreement at the Sadong Jaya Maybank Finance with a pretty nice guy called Thiru who looks like Kojak.

(You know I thought he meant the Karamunsing branch. Went around that main MayBank branch for nearly 20 minutes looking for parking, got out of the car and realized "SHIT! I'M AT THE WRONG BRANCH!")

Got into the car (which I borrowed from my boss), drove a ways to the Sadong branch, got out the car after another 20-minute search for a parking spot and signed the dang papers.

Signed the Hire Purchase agreement, signed a paper that says the car belongs to the bank, and signed for a standing instruction for Maybank to transfer funds from my account to the financier, which is Maybank.

5th April:

The morning after I signed the Hire Purchase papers, I had to write an instruction to tell Maybank to cancel my previous standing instruction with Maybank to transfer my funds to pay EON Bank for the installments of the Kelisa.

When I got to the bank and handed the manager the cancellation order, she told me "Yes, yes, it 's immediate". Yeah, right. I knew I shouldn't have been so naive.

7th April:

Two more days of agonizing wait and I got the dang car.

But the story ain't over yet. Cuz....

12th April:

You remember, I cancelled the standing instruction for the Kelisa?

Well, that was a week ago and it's
still in effect. And you know what? Maybank again deducted another month's installment to EON Bank for the Kelisa.

Can't f**kin believe it.

Now, I have to go over to EON Bank, get the receipt for the payment and get the dealer who bought my Kelisa to give
me a refund.

EON Bank tells me I can't receive a refund. "Things don't work like that". S**tprick.

Maybank, (who is the senior prick in this story, as far as I'm concerned), on the other hand says to me, "eh, lemme check ah, the manager should have cancelled it oredy wan....".

Pissed off is pretty mild for how I felt about this.

But hey, I got the new Myvi and the dealer's paying me back so I guess it's alright.

Moral of the Story?

If you decide to sell your car, you better cancel the standing instruction in person first with a
written cancellation.


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