Saturday, December 03, 2005

Civilization IV

Behold! After months, weeks and days of waiting and searching game stores in town, I've finally found THE game of the year! (at least in my book) And how close to the end of the year it is too! Anyways....

To our left right now lies a box shot of Civilization 4 created by Sid Meier, one of the best game makers out there. He's been making the Civilization series for early a decade and eversince I played Civilization 2, I've been hooked!

Some say, it's one of the most addictive games EVER made. It features you leading one of 18 civilizations (Greeks, Romans, English, Chinese, etc, etc) and taking it from its humble beginnings of a single kampung (village in Bahasa Malaysia) to a major trumpets-blowin', missile-hurlin', nuke-bombin' nation big enough to wipe out other less note-worthy opponents (a'la the US with Iraq perhaps?) over a 3,000 year span.

This game scored a 9.4 / 10 rating in Gamespot recently:

Excited? I know I am...

Here comes the bad news....

I went out to buy the copy earlier today, tried to install it just and guess what? At about 41% during installation, I get an error message that says "Read Error (blahblahblah)" and something else about some cyclic redundancy check crap.....


I don't know which is worse: going back to the store and having to face some arrogant ah beng again to change the CD or the nagging suspicion that (based on past purchase experience) most of the current copies could have the same problem.

One more thing. Unlike the other older versions of the game, I think I'd need a better graphic card to handle this one. Now, if only I can dig up RM300 from somewhere....


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