Monday, March 20, 2006

My My Wheeeeeee.......!!!!

Ain't she a beaut?

I've been spending some time now looking at my 2-year-old Perodua Kelisa (the good ol' boy, that) and then looking around and seeing this online and on the streets.

Boy oh boy...

Not to say that I see this particular one in KK every day la but if I had the cash and the inclination, I'd go out and buy a Perodua MyVi and do it up like that.

Cuz that, my friends, is the new Perodua MyVi fitted with the TRD bodykit.

Still, the MyVi by itself feels so good. I took my buddy's MyVi for a spin a few nights ago and man, it felt more solid and more nippy than the Kelisa anytime. Now, all I can think about it selling the Kelisa before it depreciates any further and working out a deal where I pay the same amount of installment as I do right now on the Kelisa.

Still with me?

Cuz this baby costs something like.... hmmm... just a lil' bit more than RM50k...

I'll keep you guys posted.

Back to me good ol' boy... the feelings I have right now is something akin to having a wife and seeing a super-hot chick and...


Anyway... check out the stats the Perodua MyVi:

Type 5 door Hatchback
Engine type K3-VE water-cooled,4-cycle,in-line 4-cylinder,DOHC DWT
Displacement 1298cc
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Drive Layout FF (front engine, front drive)
Power (hp) 87@6000rpm
Torque (Nm) 116@3200rpm
Fuel Consumption n/a
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 litres
Steering Rack and pinion
Suspension Front - MacPherson Strut with coil spring, Rear - torsion Beam with coil spring
Brakes Front - Disc brake with booster, Rear - Drum (Leading & Trailing)
Features Dual SRS airbags for driver & co-driver

Interior finish

Meter cluster with LED type for clear view, Steering Wheel with silver paint & chrome finishing, Electric side mirrors, Four Speakers

Curb Weight 940kg
Length 3720mm
Wheelbase 2440mm
Width 1665mm
Height 1550mm
Wheel Alloy Rim
Tyre 175/65 R14

Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd


The question now is.... Should I or shouldn't I?

While I ponder that, let me just leave you with this:

The new Perodua Kembara.

My my.


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