Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Newsletter from WOFS

It's the Year of the Firedog and I just got a newsletter from WOFS, The World of Feng Shui and after reading what's in store for my year, I'd hope for something better... hehe... What does yours say?

Will the year of the Fire Dog bring plenty of good energy and
growth? The year starts with on a good foot where the elements of the
day are in harmony. The annual chart of the year is in good balance,
and the years begins before the coming of spring which means that
2006 will be a year filled with lots of growth energy and a strong
potential to make money.

However, although the chart of the year is in balance, and both the
year and day pillars are in harmony, the presence of both earth
elements on the hour pillar, coupled with the clash of elements in
the month pillar indicates a strong possibility for natural
disasters. The element of fire sits on top of earth, and this
indicates a possibility of volcanic action, quite possibly a big
volcanic explosion akin to that back in 1883 when mount Krakatoa
exploded. There is also a clash of animal signs between the hour and
year pillars, indicating that these volcanic activities will most
likely occur during the beginning and also towards the end of the
Fire Dog year.

Fortunately, the science of Feng Shui allows us to be forewarned and
enables us to make preparations in the event that bad things happen.
So, go ahead and check out what kinds of enhancers and cures are
needed to make 2006 a fruitful and rewarding year.

*Dog* <#dog> *Boar* <#boar>

*Rat* <#rat> *Ox* <#ox>

*Tiger* <#tiger> *Rabbit* <#rabbit>

*Dragon* <#dragon> *Snake* <#snake>

*Horse* <#horse> *Sheep* <#sheep>

*Monkey* <#monkey> *Rooster* <#rooster>


2006 will be a luckier year for the Dog compared to 2005. The God of
the year, known as the Grand Duke Jupiter resides in their location
this year and brings protective and supportive luck to them. This
indicates the promise of new opportunities in career, business and
most importantly in romance. To be safe, the Dog must avoid doing any
digging or construction work in the Northwest corner of their home to
avoid angering the Grand Duke. To ensure your luck stays good through
the year, either carry the *Annual Protection Amulet* or display a *Pi
Yao* in the Northwest corner of your living room. The element of the
year clashes with your intrinsic element leading to a tendency
towards over exhaustion, thus it is important to have ample rest and
relaxation. Hang a *Painting of the 8 Immortals* in your living room
to tap into the luck of the year. Your luckiest months fall in
February, July, August, September and November. You should expect
good things to happen during your good months. Take care during
March, June, October and December. You should stay low and be careful
during this period. Perhaps you may wish to plan your vacation during
these less auspicious months of the year. Carry the * Education
Amulet* with you to enhance your study luck. Wear the *2-Eyed Dzi*
for love and relationships. Display a set of *Allies and Friends* or
a figurine of the *Rabbit* next to you at work to enhance your
career. For those in competitive work environments, display a
*Greyhound with Coin* in mouth for an edge over your competitors.


Good news comes to the Boar this year with opportunities for love,
wealth and good health, so long as the necessary precautions are
taken. Most of your luck will come in the form of helpful people and
the assistance that they bring will create long lasting alliances
that will benefit you a great deal. Carry the *Good Business Luck
Amulet* to improve career prospects. If you are in business, display
a *Camel* in your office to keep your finances healthy. The Boar
should display *Natural Crystals* in the Southwest of your bedroom to
bring love into your life. Single Boars enjoy marriage luck this year.
And, although the year brings you good romance luck, it is important
to know that there will be months where problems may arise as a
result of new lovers. Your lucky months are February, July, August,
September and December, so make most of any fresh suitors that come
into your life. Life at home will be smooth sailing mostly so long as
you do not that others for granted. Overall, the year brings
contentment and success to the Boar. Professionally, this will be a
good year in which plenty can be achieved. To be focused on your
goals, wear the *15-eyed Dzi*. For more money, display the *Ship of
Abundance* sailing in from the North. If you wish to have additional
luck, display *Period of 8 birds* in the South.


The coming year promises good luck for the Rat with improvements in
income luck. There is good wealth luck and also excellent income
luck, however, due to the 3 Killings residing in your house this
year, you may encounter some minor mishaps. Display the *3 Coin
Swords* in the North or alternatively, wear a *Gold Chi Lin Amulet*
to keep unforeseen bad luck from happening. So, although there may
chances to make plenty of money, it may be difficult to hold on to
the additional money that comes your way. Thus, wear the *9-Eye Dzi*
to protect your wealth. Transform your good luck this year by doing
good deeds and contributing your time and effort to charitable
causes. The first half of the year will prove to be better then the
second half of the year. Your best months are February, March, April
and June. This is a good year to build a *Wealth Vase* for good luck
over the next 20 years. Place a *Nanbu Lock Coin* under your pillow
to protect your cash flow and keep wealth in the family. Display a
*Wealth God* in your house for speculative luck.


The Ox experiences a good year with many lucky stars flying into his
location. It is a year plump with many heaven sent opportunities,
which are unexpected as they are exciting. In order for good luck to
actualize, you require the luck of helpful people, thus you should
display the *Lucky Mongoose* in the living room. The Ox should take
care to ensure sufficient rest as the year may cause exhaustion and
fatigue. As the Ox is also mildly affected by the god of the year, it
is important to be wary and take the necessary precautions. The Ox
should carry the *Annual Protection Amulet* to avoid angering the
Grand Duke Jupiter and incurring his wrath. Due to some hidden
dangers, which you will need to cope with, it is a good idea for the
Ox to go with the flow and not get too uptight or upset when things
do not go as planned. Your lucky months are February, April, June,
September, November and January 2007. To stay healthy, it is strongly
recommended to display *Han Hsian Tzu* in the Southeast of the home or
living room. The married Ox should wear the *Mystical Knot in gold* to
ensure smooth relationships. Display the *Universal Tortoise Mandala*
in the center of the house to avoid arguments.


The coming year is characterized by heavenly luck with many
opportunities literally dropping from the sky. The Tiger is very
lucky this year with many opportunities to make money. However, due
to the clashing elements, hidden dangers and obstacles may prevent
you from enjoying your luck potential to the fullest. Take advantage
of your heaven given luck this year by making a *Wealth Vase*. Wear
the *Heaven & Earth Dzi* bracelet to gather assistance in overcoming
obstacles. The determined Tiger will be able to overcome all
obstacles and get what they wish this year if they keep a set of your
*Allies & Friends* to lend assistance. The year will be characterized
by a great deal of love, caring and nurturing. Community and family
plays a bigger role in your life this year, which can lead to
tiredness and overwork, thus it is a good idea to display a *Wu Lou*
next to your bed to ensure good health. Be extra careful in March,
May and December, as there is risk of robbery; carry the *Nightspot
Protection Amulet* to keep you safe when you are out of the home.
2006 brings a chance for your innermost wishes to come true with the
*Wish Fulfilling Wheel


The Rabbit's luck improves dramatically this year. There is plenty
of good news and the year is characterized by growth, rejuvenation
and expansion. There should be significant improvements to your life
so long as you carry the *Qwei Yan Amulet* at all times to ensure
continued support from friends and mentors. February and March may
prove to be difficult months as the energies change going into the
year, it will be a good idea to place a *Dog Looking at the Moon* to
enhance luck of the year. There will be the possibility for arguments
during the early part of the year, thus for wealth and income luck,
display *6 smooth crystal balls* in the hall to keep things going
smoothly and to prevent relationships from breaking down. Around
April, your luck will have changed for the better, so it is important
that you display *3 bulbs of Golden Garlic* in the Southeast to create
additional opportunities. To avoid misfortune from befalling you and
to overcome obstacles easily, wear a *pendant of auspicious mantras*.


As the Dragon is in direct conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter this
year, it is very important that they either carry or wear a *Tai Sui
coin* or *Golden Pi Yao* to protect them from the wrath of the Grand
Duke, and to avoid bad luck. They should place a *Rooster on a Bag of
Gold* on their work desk and at home to tap the luck of their Secret
Friend. 2006 brings a high chance of getting sick, as the annual
illness star flies into their abode and increases the chances for the
Dragon to fall ill. Thus it is important that the Dragon places an *8
Immortal Wu Luo* next to the bed to keep sickness at bay. To keep
your energy levels up, carry a *Dragon Amulet* with you. Wear the
*Medicine Dzi* bracelet to fend off serious illnesses. As 2006,
favors study, preparation and laying the groundwork for the future,
young Dragons should carry the *Exam Amulet* to help in their
education. The luck starts of average for the Dragon. Luck in
February brings good relationships and study luck, but by March,
relationships could turn sour. So the key word for the dragon is to
keep cool, humble and be willing to forgive others for their errors.
You may find your friends less tolerant of practical jokes this year,
so do not laugh at the expense of others least you create enemies.
Your luck improves again in May till September then it plunges down
again with indication for illness, monetary loss and misfortune.


The coming year will be a difficult one for the Snake as they will
be plagued with illness, poor health, accidents and mishaps. Elederly
Snakes and those prone to falling sick should ensure that they take
proper steps to ensure they health stays good. Thus, it is important
to wear a *Medicine Dzi* bead bracelet on the right wrist. Make sure
that you display a *5 Element Pagoda* filled with earth in the
Southeast corner of the living room to keep serious sickness at bay.
As you will be prone to exhaustion and weariness, it is a good idea
to carry the *Peace & Harmony Amulet
<http://www.fsmegamall.com/index.php?action=item&id=1143>* to avoid
arguments and problems in relationships. You luck starts off average
this year, and peaks around the middle of the year between June and
September. To protect your career and capture promotion luck, keep a
*Monkey Sitting on a Horse* on your work desk. In the passion stakes,
the Snakes find more passion in relationships this year, which will
strengthen strong relationships or lead to serious extra marital
problems. To protect the marriage, the Snake and their spouse should
each wear the *Mystical Knot* made out of precious metal.


The year ahead is filled with obstacles and conmen out to make a
quick buck off you. Fortunately your intrinsic element is favorable,
which helps to temper the otherwise tricky year. Thus obstacles
become more irritating then disastrous. The robbery star flies to the
Horse sector this year making it important to carry the *Double Horned
Rhino* carved out of blue aventurine at all times. Alternatively, you
can display a double horned rhino in the South corner of the living
room. Avoid overspending or indulging in dangerous sports this year
especially around the months of February, April, June, September and
November. Carry your *Ally Coin* with you to ensure support from
friends and helpful people. Because your wealth luck is not good this
year, sleep with a *Nanbu Lock Coin* under your pillow to protect your
wealth and to avoid losing money. Avoid the consumption of too much
alcohol this year as loose talk and speaking without thinking could
prove to be your undoing this year. If you like to go out at night,
make sure you carry the *Nightspot Protection Amulet* with you at all
times. Hang a painting of the *Om Mandala* in the center portion of
your home to keep quarrelsome energies at bay. To invite better luck
into your home, display *6 bulbs of Golden Garlic* as offering in
your home altar.


The year ahead will be a trying year as you are indirectly affected
by the Grand Duke, thus you should carry the *Annual Tai Sui amulet*
and display a pair or *Pi Yao* in the Northwest of your home. While
the year will give you plenty of energy and enthusiasm, make sure
that you think carefully before embarking on any new ventures.
Impulsive decisions this year could lead to unexpected and unwanted
eventualities. A good portion of your luck this year will stem from
good relationships thus the single Sheep should display a pair of
*Mandarin Ducks* in the Southwest of the bedroom to increase chances
of finding their other half this year. This will be a year to
strengthen your network and also for boosting friendship luck. Try
not to be too picky of others and make more allowances for others to
make mistakes. For career luck, hang a painting of the 8 Immortals
facing the front door and display a *Crystal Pagoda with Red Light*
in the center of your home to avoid arguments. 2006 can bring good
promotion prospects if you carry the *Dragon Amulet* with you at all
times and place a *Rooster with Coin* on your work desk. Dangerous
months are February, June, August and November. These are months when
you could meet up with disappointment, misfortune and obstacles to
your long-term goals in life.


2006 won't be a good year for the Monkey due to a clashing of
elements. However, if you play your cards right and carry your *Ally
Coin* to ensure support from peers and bosses, there is plenty that
can be achieved this year. The elements of the year will make
completing projects and seeing things thru to completion most
difficult. If you are in business, it is important to display the
<http://www.fsmegamall.com/index.php?action=search&search=camel>* on
your work desk to ensure a healthy cash flow. This will be a year
when you will need every ounce of your natural shrewdness and cunning
if you wish to emerge victorious. For harmony in the home, invite *Ho
Sien Ku* into your living room. There are good opportunities for
promotion this year. Display a *Monkey on Horse* on your work desk to
augment career luck. Make social networking and creating new
friendships is the staple of the year. Your natural charm and
magnetic personality will at its peak this year so use that to your
advantage. To protect yourself from politicking and problems at work,
display the *3 Coin Swords* in the North. Young Monkeys should bring
the *Education Amulet* with them to school to help them in their


2006 will be a difficult year for the Rooster as the misfortune star
flies to their chart this year and right from the beginning of the
year, it is important to adopt a positive attitude and to protect
yourself against the energies of conflict that come your way this
year. Make use of metal energy to help suppress the misfortune.
Therefore, it is important to wear or carry the *5 Element Pagoda
Pendant* or *keychain* for protection and to avoid all forms of
trouble. There is wealth luck indicated in your chart this year, but
you need patience in order to enjoy it. Money luck of the long-term
kind is more preferable this year compared to money gotten thru
short-term investments. There is money luck indicated in your chart
and wearing the *Fabulous Bird Dzi* this year will help you realize
that luck. If you wish to tap into your indirect wealth luck, display
a *100 Birds Painting* in the hall next to your front door and hang a
*Dragon Amulet* behind your main entrance. The most auspicious months
of the year is March, May, August, October and December. These are
months for making important decisions. To keep your relationships
peaceful, carry the *Peace & Harmony Amulet


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