Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tell me something I don't know...

These days, you gotta be living in a cave not to know the amount you need to spend on getting your car to move i.e. buying petrol for the dang thing.

(I swear I can hear voices saying, "Get on with it, yer bollicks!")

Anyway, my fuel tank was almost empty when my buddy F and I had to take some students of ours to their hostels. So instead of risking an embarrassing and sudden derailment to our transportation plans, I said to him, "Look, I'll drop you near the hostel, you go do your bit and I'll go get us some fuel, k?"

So I went and got us some fuel. But before that, a little back story is needed:

Some blogs ago, I mentioned that I receive a RM20.00 voucher for fuel from the dealer, remember? The Myvi was totally empty when I got it so I immediately went to the station and utilized my voucher. Ok?

That same night, I went and bought another RM50.00, just to see how much fuel the thang can handle.

Total: RM70.00. The first full-tank for the car. I swear.

Alright, fast forward. I drove til the tank was almost empty before I decided to top up again. This second time, I bought another RM70.00. And then, guess what?

The fuel tank OVERFLOWED. I lost a couple of Ringgits on that pump. Not much tho, a couple of bucks.



So I pulled up to the petrol station. Got out. Paid RM65.00 to the dude at the counter who seemed to be having a bit of trouble understanding which car was mine. (Mine was on Pump #2; the nearest car was two pumps away.)

At this point I should explain my weird little line at the top of this blog.

Meet Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal, Malaysia's Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

There I was minding my own business, waiting for my turn to pay for my fuel and digging in my wallet for RM65.00 while thinking "Oh, isn't fuel so expensive these days?" when I looked up at a newspaper stand and saw what Shafie had to say on the front page of the New Sabah Times today:


Geez... talk about redundant. Or eerie, I forget which. Like I said, do me and us a favour and tell me something I don't know, ok, Datuk?

Anyway... back to paying for the fuel.

I was thinking, this time, they aren't gonna get me so easily. No sirree cuz this time I'm only gonna buy RM65.00. Not RM70.00.

I put the pump in. The pump obeyed its dharma. Things were going fine. The pump and I had a good thing going when.......................... CLUNK!

I can't frigging believe it. Not again!

The meter stopped at RM62.14!

Ahh... shite..... I lifted the pump, squeezed a little, lifted a little, pumped a little but still I couldn't get all the fuel I paid for out before I saw the top of the fuel level through the whole.

Sigh.... I should just buy RM60.00 next time, huh? Looking on the bright side, this means I won't have to spend so much to get a full tank.

What'd they say bout silver linings eh?


At 8:37 am, Blogger Yo. said...

i hate it when you're trying to get it to a round figure and then oops. 60.02. so you press again 60.48. then 60.53. gah!

At 8:50 am, Blogger ElKay said...

ya bah... it's heart stopping when that happens man!


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