Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Word for the Timebeing

GARBOLOGY (gar-BOL-uh-jee) noun
Def: The study of a society or culture by examining what it discards.

Be careful what you throw out.

Because I just found out there are courses and studies on garbage and what people throw out in their trash. Supposedly, what you, your community, or your society throw out reflect your characters, personalities and stuff like that. You'd be surprised at how many universities teach the stuff. And the knowledge is applied in fields as mundane as garbage collection and recycling, to sociology and psychology, to archaeology to industrial and electronic espionage.

Electronic espionage? I'd recommend you delete your whole hard drive before selling or dumping it in the future.

And from garbology, there were some myths that were dispelled according to this article by the University of Texas Southwester Medical Center Dallas.

I have no idea why I wrote this.


At 11:53 am, Blogger Yo. said...

"i have no idea why i wrote this"



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