Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ah... About them Carbos...

Remember what I said about that crash diet by minusing carborhydrates and glucose from your food?

Well... I got a second opinion from a nurse friend o' mine.

When I told him about what I heard yesterday, he turned his head, looked at me with his one eye and unsurprisingly uttered, "You mad ah?"

Of course, him being an orang putih (white man), he didn't really use our local grammatical article.

What he did say was, we shouldn't go on a crash diet by totally cutting off carbos unless we wanna look like this:

Yup, El Flabbo, if we lost fat too quickly, we would most probably end up having flabby skin hanging by folds from the bones.

Ol' One-eye then related the following story to me:

"I had a lady who came in one day to my hospital. And you better believe me when I say, that b***h was big... She was 130 kilos! And she went through the exact same diet and whoosh... 6 months later, she lost about 40 of those kilos. Had flabs hanging ten feet off her arms. She looked like hell."

Roiiittt.... I get it.

So... heh, let's just halve the portions of carbos that we take then, eh?

Gender differences in food intake volume nowithstanding, let's say we usually take 8 slices of bread or 2 bowls of rice per day, we should probably just cut it down to 3 slices or half a bowl.

I guess that diet makes more sense now, huh?


At 3:39 pm, Blogger Yo. said...

oh yeah, that might happen.


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