Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fuel 'er Up!

Hi folks,

I told you bout my new car right?

Just thought I'd share something to that effect. Again.

It's about fuelling up the little guy. Mah brand nu Myvi... :)

When I got the car on Friday, 7th April, I filled the tank up. The dealer gave me a RM20.00 voucher for Shell Unleaded, which of course was gainfully cashed in by yours truly. At that time when I was filling the Myvi with the RM20.00, the tank was almost empty.

That same night, on the way home, I decided to fill the tank up with another RM50.00 worth of fuel. The tank actually got filled to capacity! I had to pull out the pump, squeeze a little, pull out a little and squeeze again till the pump meter read RM50.00.

(Har har to those of you with the dirty thoughts)

Now, RM20.00 + RM50.00 makes RM70.00 right? I've been driving for quite a bit after I pumped that first RM20.00, which means, the Myvi right now should have just under RM70.00 worth of fuel in its belly. The archetypal full tank.


Now, if we compare the Kelisa (my previous person-shifter, which demanded something like RM52.00 for a full tank and runs about 315km) and this Myvi:

Kelisa : 52 ÷ 315km = 16 cts a kilometre

Myvi : 70 ÷ 315km = 22 cts a kilometre

For those of you who own either of these two cars, now you roughly know how much you're spending on your fuel consumption.

If you don't care about that well... here are some cartoons for you.

*I know they're lame but these are the only ones I can find... :P


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