Saturday, May 13, 2006

With its bearing it realised it can lasting generations

I just had to put this up. This rolling cutting blade sounds like it's installed with A.I. (It realized first time in the world...) and a well-traveled one at that.

And Epoch-making?!?!?!? Do they even know what that word means?

What? It's trying to be a Patek-Philippe? (You don't own a Rolling Cutter Blade with Internal Bearing. You merely keep it for the next generation.)

This was found in a hardware store by the way.

But I should have bought this next one. It's a little sign I saw in a stall in a mall.

It'd be cool for the cops trying to pull me over. Or maybe for my desk at work.

Who knows when it'll come in handy, eh? Ha Ha.

All photos taken with the Nokia 6230i.


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