Sunday, April 30, 2006

You want to know about Manila yah?

"You want to know about Manila?"

"Yeah I've been there before."

"Tell you bro, I've been to quite a few places in Asia before but Manila's a real SHITHOLE."

"No, No... I'm serious."

"I was there on a lay-over for a night before I had to catch a flight back to Oman from here. I didn't have any problems there, Philippines Airlines was very good. Took care of everything on the flight."

"I got into the limo waiting for me at the airport and the driver took me to The Sandy Hotel. There was a woman who was my guide."

"The jams were shit... Every 50 metres or less, the traffic came to a complete stop."

"And during the whole f**king way were these women... Outside my window, shouting for us to buy their babies!"

"I'd also saw these f**kers, bringing their sisters, shouting 'F**key-f**key my sista? My sista good for you!"

"I was actually becoming very worried. But my guide told it's ok. There are armed guards patrolling the hotel."

"Armed military police patrolling the hotel."

"I decided I needed a drink so I went straight to the bar. Ordered two San Miguels. That didn't help so I had some vodka."

"I was sitting there at the bar getting pissed and the barmaid suddenly came up to me and told me that she gets off at 2 and asks would I like her to be at my hotel room afterwards."

"I said no and decided to take a walk. Just, you know, a little walk around the hotel to clear my head."

"Shit, every shop around the hotel were these armed guards with their weapons. F**king pump action."

"Other people were all laying on their straw mats in street gutters."

"Girls, 12, 13, 15 years old wailing at me to f**k them!"

"Shit, I thought I couldn't stand anymore. I didn't walk anymore and went right up to my room and didn't go out again."

"Then, I got a call from my guide and you know what she said to me?"

" 'Do you want me to join you at your room?' "

"Don't go to Manila."


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